What We Offer

Solutions to refresh, renew, realign, and return with skills and a plan.

Explore a range of topics, including Resilience: Building Capacity for Ministry Health & Longevity, Preventing Ministry Burnout, Marriage & Ministry, and more!
Additionally, personalized one-to-one counselling sessions are available.

Experience peace at Oasis Retreats Focused Encounters


Focused Encounter

A four-day retreat for ministry couples or individuals. Facilitated by expert counsellors, it offers 14 hours of personalized support away from daily pressures. Start each day with focused discussions, followed by time for self-reflection and rejuvenation.

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Health Check & Workshop

Oasis Health Checks provide a supportive space for couples/singles to evaluate their physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational health and well-being. Oasis Health Check Workshops are group sessions addressing relevant personal and ministry issues to boost personal well-being and satisfaction in ministry.

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Experience alignment with Oasis Retreats Health Check Workshops
Experience healing with Oasis Retreats Counseling



Our registered clinical counsellors offer personalized counselling, online or in-person, to support your healing and growth journey. Gain insight, explore challenges, and develop strategies for positive change.

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