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Focused Encounters

Oasis Focused Encounter offers 14 hours of one-on-one counselling and support for ministry couples or individuals in crisis or seeking proactive maintenance. This four-day retreat, facilitated by experienced pastoral and clinical counselling professionals, provides a safe environment away from home and ministry. Each morning and early afternoon addresses concerns with late afternoon and evening offering time for reflection and rejuvenation.


Health Checks

Burnout is an avoidable aspect of ministry life. Through timely, preventative care, individuals and couples can experience renewal and preparation for sustainable service. An Oasis Ministry Health Check Workshop fosters an environment for candid dialogue and offers educational and skill-building sessions to enhance personal and ministry well-being.



Our counselling services, led by registered clinical counsellors, offer compassionate support for your journey to healing and growth. With both online and in-person sessions available, we provide personalized care tailored to your needs. Partner with us to explore challenges, gain insight, and develop practical strategies for positive change. Schedule a session today and take the first step towards a brighter tomorrow.

Our Mission

Equipping leaders for ministry health and longevity by facilitating transforming encounters with a balance of teaching, counsel, rest, and recreation.


Just as you seek the finest specialists for surgery, coaching, or financial advice, Oasis Ministries provides access to experienced ministry leaders and counsellors tailored for pastors, missionaries, leaders, and spouses. These experienced leaders are available through Oasis Focused Encounters, proactive Health Checks for individuals and couples, and larger group Health Check Workshops, as well as individual and couple counselling.


When you, your spouse, or your leaders encounter challenging moments in personal or ministry life, seek guidance for ministry decisions, or strive to maintain optimal physical, spiritual, emotional, and relational well-being, having expert support can be invaluable.


With over 84 years of combined theological and psychological expertise, Oasis has assisted nearly 1,500 individuals in similar seasons with professionalism, understanding, and confidentiality, fostering rest and healing. This journey leads to hope and confidence for taking the next steps. Oasis  Ministries: Confidential, Committed, and Connected. Leadership makes the difference.

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